Thursday, July 19, 2012

Less than one month...and counting!

Hi Everyone! I figured it was time to start getting some posts on here! I can't believe that I will be starting this grand adventure in less than a month.  It seemed like so far away for so long, hard to believe it's nearly here. With every email I get, it just becomes more real, and I get a little more excited to set out!  I feel a bit like I am sitting on a pendulum; one day rearing to go, wondering why I must wait to leave, the next day panicking with the realization that there is still so much to get ready, and feeling overwhelmed by all the goodbyes I must make.

One of the biggest "Let's go!" moments for me came just a few days ago, when I found out what I will be doing during my year of service! I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be working with an organization in Tepoztlan, Mexico, called La Jugarreta.  La Jugarreta works with children and adolescents, particularly from lower socio-economic backgrounds, to help them recognize themselves as key players in their families, schools, and larger communities.  It operates a number of youth groups in different neighborhoods, where the kids themselves decide what their activities will be, what they'll need in terms of resources to carry them out, and the staff simply accompany the kids and help them to learn more about living in just community with one another.   Here is a link to the organization's website:

I am so very excited to get started in this work and meet all the people I will be working with, both staff and children.  I can't help but think that God is going to use me in some pretty awesome ways this year, and when I look back at the way that all of this has come together, all I can really do is send a prayer of thanks because God has been so good and truly has led me to this place in my life. And right now, it just feels perfect, and like I'm doing exactly what I need, want, and love to do. What a great feeling!

On a slightly different note, I wanna send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone that is supporting me in this work through your prayers, money, and encouragement. Some of you know that giving a year of your life as a servant is not exactly cheap, and that I have been working to raise $4,000 towards my year of service.  If you feel called to support me financially, please read the tab entitled "Support Me!" Again, I am so grateful for all the positive reinforcement I have received from you all thus far, and I know that this year would not be possible if it wasn't for that support!   


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